High Demand for Corporate Jet parking at Princess Juliana International Airport

Aviation Executives of the Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company (PJIAE N.V.) have engaged in advanced operational flow management meetings, to effectively strategize the high traffic demand for the corporate jet parking, as a part of the General Aviation (GA) segment.

As the workload and complexity are set to increase drastically at PJIAE, spanning the peak period from December 2021, through January 2022, the forecast reveals one hundred (100) private aircraft for long-term parking. Meanwhile, as the Airport handlers continue to receive an influx of the daily flight bookings, the total movements are currently unknown.

Proactive planning is essential at this stage, as the upcoming period is likely to exceed that of 2020. Air Traffic Services (ATS) and Operations Management are taking every initiative to accommodate the corporate jet traffic to enable us to safely handle the surge in demand, in an organized manner. The Airport’s capacity for private jets is limited, and since the aircrafts become larger and larger, we are assessing our challenges and options to increase with the demand.

We have setup a new Taskforce to manage the short-term challenges and come up with long term sustainable solutions for the General Aviation business. The overall long-term objective is to further strengthen St. Maarten’s attractiveness and competitiveness. We also aim to offer our valuable customers, stakeholders, and our operators at the Fixed Based Operations like Signature and Execujet; modern, sufficient facilities and infrastructure.  With this growth, PJIAE and St. Maarten is back on track and much stronger,” acknowledged the Airport Chief, Mr. Brian Mingo.