Statia introduces shelter for victims domestic violence and child abuse

The Public Entity St. Eustatius and the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and
Sports (VWS) signed a 3-5 months contract with Pauline Andriessen to assist
with the setup of a shelter for victims of domestic violence and child abuse in
Government Commissioner Alida Francis signed the agreement with  
Pauline Andriessen on Wednesday 13 th, 2021.  She is the initiator and director of
Het Samenhuis in Zuidlaren in The Netherlands, where more than 60 persons work
with children, parents and caretakers. She has therefor many years of gained
knowledge and experience in the areas of domestic violence and child abuse.  
Permits, policies, safety measures to secure the building and regulations for the
work environment will be put in place before the shelter opens. The clients will be
introduced to the daily routine, and will get an explanation on the treatment they
will undergo to be able to deal with different situations. Both the victims and the
perpetrators will get support from the shelter.