Three young Statian athletes, Deshendree Jack (14), Xyon Rivers (19) and Lisandro Redan (24), travelled to the Netherlands today to further develop their skills in the sports of basketball and pursue eventually careers in the sport under the guidance of BV Noordkop / Den Helder Suns. This is made possible through partnership between Dyker Sports Foundation (Miguel Chiverton), Noordkop BV/Den Helder SUNS (Jan Lugtenburg), the Island Government of St. Eustatius and the parents of the two youngsters.
Xyon Rivers will be joining the D2 team to be able to develop his skills at a higher level. He will also start his education on HBO level. Deshendree Jack will join the team of BV-Noordkop /SUNS which competes in the highest national Youth division (under 16 years of age).

Redan is joining the first team of Den Helder Suns for the upcoming season and will have a double license. This will allow him to play for the D2 team as well.
Deputy Government Commissioner, Ms. Alida Francis, joined family and supports of three young men at the airport to send them and to encourage them. “On behalf of the Island Government, I wish you all the best as you further develop your talent in sports. Relocating to the Netherlands is a big step however, it is the opportunity you have worked towards for a long time. I encourage you to remain committed to do your best in sports while at the same time investing in seriously pursuing your education. Make yourselves, your parents and Statia proud”.

Photo: Lisandro Redan.