Observations by mr.Edwin James.

Like I said often earlier and I repeat.
Pay no heed to the usual:
1) sayings of WHO did WHAT, WHEN and WHY!
2) When elephants fight is the grass that get trampled!
3) Don’t get involve in their Mess, Melee and Mix up!
4) Don’t get involve in their Bitching and bashing!
Simply why because each and every politician and political parties promised the people that:
1) people come first!
2) they will be working for you the people!
3) they will move ST.Maarten and its people up the ladder of Progress and Prosperity!
So at this moment the people will not be used as Pawn in your blame game of Who did What, Why and When!
People will not be caught up in your Melee, Mess and Mix up!
No people are about to deliver the politicians and political parties their report card on their poor performances!
People are just sitting, waiting and watching the drama that is been played out in government.
At the end of this horror movie it will be time for Rewarding or Reckoning!
Their report card will simply reveal their marks on how these “Heroes” oops Hooligans improve the welfare state or situation of our people.
And certainly not based on Fables, fantasy, folly or fooling the people!
Thusfar all indications are revealing their flaws, faults and failures that guarantee that they will flunk representing the people!