Dear Mr. Editor,

It is expected that every citizen should know the Constitution which governs this Country. Reality proves however that most of us don’t. Because of that fact, we "depend" and "trust" that the Politicians are quoting the applicable articles that are used as their rights and the basis to do or not to. do.

The Prime Minister quoting with assurance whose authority it is to place a requested agenda point on the agenda of the COM, the Deputy Prime Minister quoting the article which gives the Ministers the right to dissolve Parliament, The vice Chair of Parliament quoting the article giving him the right to convene a meeting of Parliament whether the Chairman is absent due to illness or any other reason.

For the past two weeks over 6000 persons have "quoted" their right to call for new elections on the basis of the democratic society in which we live and the fact that in a democracy nothing is supposed to matter more than the will of the PEOPLE.

At a Press Conference last week MP Laville stated that the people don’t know what they want. The PM at her Press Conference stated that there are Politicians instigated to call for new elections and we the people, at least those calling for new elections should not be fooled by those Politicians, of course we know the PM was referring to the leader along with other Ministers and MP’s of the NA. It is beyond me however feel that we the people are incapable of forming our own views and expressing them as such, it is incomprehensible that the the PM and the MP feel that they can insult the intelligence of us the people. I am not instigated by anyone and definitely not fooled and know exactly what I want specifically with respect to the political situation. My question is though? Are Mr. Julian Rollocks and Lenny Priest qualified as politician (or is it once a politician always a politician). Are they instigating the people? Are lawyers Joeri Essed and Roeland Zwanikken politicians, are they instigating the people, is professor Arjien van Rijn instigation the people to call for new elections and giving them the right to do so? I think not.

The PM is the one trying to fool the people by her question posed and answered, as to the reason why she was called to be PM in two consecutive cabinets, insinuating that it could be prophecy and that is where she was meant o be even though the party she leads, the DP, only captured a mere two seats at the last election.

Prophecy has nothing to do with it. The PM and her party knew at that time and knows now that they held and holds the political bargaining chip. All over the world when there is no outright majority and a coalition have to be formed the Party with the most seats will seek alliance with another party to guarantee a safe majority because no Government likes or will take the risk to have a slim majority.

Madame Prime Minister with all due respect you were only appointed in the function of PM in two consecutive cabinets and will be appointed in the third cabinet because the DP holds the key

for UP to be able to form a majority along with MP Laville.

We are not fooled,. I am not fooled. We are disappointed that the new majority of eight along with the PM continues to disrespect and ignore the wishes of the people to support the call new elections.

The President of DP of St. Maarten conveniently quoted a few passages of importance from professor Arjen van Rijn’s opinion expressed on this issue. He conveniently as expected, did not quote other important passages; like the professor in an invited comment mentioned: (page 7 Daily Herald of Monday, May 20th ): However, the logical step would be for the ETIRE Council of Ministers to resign. The lame duck cabinet does have the right to dissolve the current Parliament and to call new elections. Van Riijn said there was SUFFICIENT REASONS to dissolve the Parliament and to bounce the ball back to the voter to by convoking new elections.

He also stated "The question is whether they the voters in 2010 intended to give Parliament a mandate for three successive cabinets of changing color with the same Prime Minister. That is not very credible and does not strengthen confidence in the objective of the democracy. If the Parliament is so capricious, then it is time to go back to the voters."

Lastly an equal important passage can be read in his article on the Opinion page where he ended by saying that ultimately it is again the turn of the voters in 2014. They can voice their opinion at the polls about this interim poetical performance. Either way, IT IS HIGH TIME TO STRAIGHTEN OUT THE SYSTEM.

I reiterate. In a democracy nothing is supposed to matter more than the will of the PEOPLE!!!!

The PEOPLE is calling for new elections.


Patricia Pantophlet