UP PRESS STATEMENT MP Gracita Arrindell: Electoral Reform


The United People’s (UP) parliamentary faction met with Attorney and former Lt. Governor Ralph Richardson on Thursday morning to discuss possible changes to the existing electoral law.

We have a Parliament of 15 members associated with the three political parties, but then three members of parliament became independents.

During the meeting several articles were discussed pertaining to the electoral law, and the Constitution of Country Sint Maarten, in reference to the issue of elected members declaring independence from the party on who’s platform they were elected.



Acknowledging the sensitivity, and complexity of this issue including the rights of individuals under the Constitution, nevertheless since the topic has become a hotly debated issue again, the UP faction welcomes an open dialogue pertaining to this matter.

Not only internally within the faction, but more so between Factions in a nonpartisan mature manner. It’s a start, which if any changes are made including to the Constitution regarding this topic, the end result must be considered and approved by a referendum by the people of this country.

As we continue to evolve as a new country, this topic and others will undoubtedly come to the forefront for discussion, and debate, and if and where necessary adjustment. This is a natural evolvement as questions of this nature confront us from time to time.

Important is how do we go about it in a mature way where discussing this issue is concerned. Other Countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands have also been confronted with this topic.

Gracita Arrindell

United People’s (UP) party Member of Parliament