Friday, July and Saturday, December 8 Step Ahead Curacao Foundation organized in collaboration with the UNA a symposium and workshops on Pedagogy. The symposium was very successful, from the high turnout can be concluded that there is a great need for information on parenting and education practice.


Foundation Step Ahead Curaçao has the choice of subject pedagogy "education toolbox would provide a great demand for information, knowledge and insights pertaining to education. The success of the symposium is mainly due to the different presentations of the experts in the field of pedagogy. The speakers in the field of pedagogy from different subjects approached.

Keynote speaker of the symposium, Prof. René Diekstra went with his presentation on the role of parents as educators, stressing that a child is not the same as older, it became clear that the rearing tasks are not obvious but that parents understand and skills needed for this role responsibly to fulfill.

The President of Foundation Step Ahead Curacao, Mr. Leonard Coffi MBA, explains that this symposium showed how great the demand and need in the society of knowledge about education and what skills are necessary thereto.

Leonard Coffi further indicates that the main value of our society is formed by the ‘human capital’. The success of our society as a whole and we together will form the basis, we and the education of our children. How the pedagogical task thereby filling gets is crucial.

Other speakers were:
Dr Irving Picus: the importance and impact of (early) childhood experiences
Dr Karin Hermans: attachment; implications for present and future
Dr Leonard Coffi MBA: parenting styles and educational neglect
Dr. Rhoda Arrindell: Language Development and Education of Children 0-12 years
Dr Shanti Guanipa: the role of the family system in the education of children
Dr Stephen Ebecilio: the adolescent brain

On Saturday morning followed a number of workshops where participants on the more practical issues could go.

Mr. Coffi finally gives that Foundation Step Ahead of the coming period the symposium and the workshops will review and determined that there will be how Step Ahead of next year will give further attention to the subject pedagogy "education toolbox.