Autopsies performed in Cupecoy case;

Preliminary results will not yet be released in the interest of the investigation

On Monday the autopsies were performed on the bodies of Michael and Thelma King. The results of the autopsies will be discussed with the prosecutors and the police. Presumably tomorrow the bodies of the victims will be released to the family.


The suspect, identified as M.K.J., a 28 year old male, born in Jamaica, heavily resisted his arrest, wounding a police officer. J., who got wounded too, had to be treated in hospital. Afterwards J. was taken to the police station. Since then he has been questioned. He has been cooperative to a certain extent but was reluctant to answer critical questions.

Sunday prosecutors had a lengthy conversation with family members of the victims.

Tuesday the forensic department and the prosecutors will confer with a representative of the Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) on the research on the forensic material that was secured during this investigation.

During the operation leading to the arrest of the suspect, local police have been cooperating with the French Gendarmerie and the local Coast guard who both had their officers on alert for an extensive length of time in order to prevent the suspect to flee.

The Sint Maarten Police have opened two telephone lines for those who may have any sort of information that might be helpful to this investigation:

For local calls: please call 9300.

For calls from abroad: please call: +1-721-542 0345