Keda Informá continues in a new format

The informative program Keda Informá of RCN starts Thursday 16th February on the radio.

The program is meant to inform the inhabitants about a number of topics regarding the four policy areas of which The Netherlands are responsible for.  

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These topics vary from public health to security and from social affairs to education and financial issues. Each month a different theme is raised. This month the topic is "Belastingdienst Caribisch Nederland" (Tax Authority).

Until December 2011 the informative programme of the central government, that lasted one hour, was broadcasted on tv. It appeared that the inhabitants are interested in more information on topics on general interests. There is more demand for information on topics regarding the tasks and responsibilities of the central government. That is why the programme will be broadcasted once a week through various radio stations on Bonaire.

You can listen to the radio program every week on Thursday morning via radio station Radio Energia 97.1, at 7:30 AM, in "Djis pa alegra bo dia", BonFm 102.7, at 9:00 AM, after "Bon dia Boneiru" and at radio Digital 91.1, at 11:45 AM, just before the news. It is a 15 minute program. In each program Lucia Beck, Head Communications RCN, has a conversation on a specific topic with her guests. At the beginning of each month the topic is announced. It is also possible for people to ask their questions. These questions will be dealt with in the programme to which the question is related to. People can ask their questions on telephone number 712 8307 / 795 9047 or email in**@ri***********.com 

On Saba en Statia are similar programs (Stay Informed), that inform the local community of the two islands.