Joint Workshop P&O workers RCN, Public Entity Bonaire and Public Entity Saba

On November 29th 2011 16 workers of the department of Personnel & Organization of Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN), the Public Entity Bonaire and the Public Entity Saba concluded a 4 days workshop, in which several complicated personnel matters were handled.

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Making use of all sorts of practical assignments the participants were familiarized with the rules for conditions of employment which are applicable for civil servants in Caribbean Netherlands. Problems such as how to conduct a performance interview, what to do when there are performance problems, working hours, integrity and what is stored in a personnel file are topics that were dealt with in-depth. The participants have all worked hard and have learned a great deal.
The participants found it without exception very pleasant that workers of the public entities and the Rijksdienst could wok together in this workshop. They were given the opportunity to exchange information about how their organizations deal with different problems.