True or False

To be skeptical means that you disagree with an argument made by another person. This argument could be one in which the person in question is attempting to clarify an issue or defend a position taken. The more improbable the argument seems the stronger the opposition to that argument becomes.


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We often see that the way many decisions or lack thereof is explained by elected officials, is never convincing. That insincere attitude creates more questions than answers. This is definitely the case when the explanation or answers given, is placed in a global contest. In other words local skepticism stands by its opinion that even if things are done differently elsewhere such an approach is not applicable to the local situation. It is the case for sure when the masses would benefit. It appears in those instances that there is a great need to profile oneself and thus reinvent the wheel. Global skepticism has great benefits for the local skepticism because through the larger audience, arguments can become more sound, convincing and effective. It can lead to good feedback. We believe strongly that officials should watch how they choose to make their arguments. Saying for instance that "Born Here" has no merit when it comes to work is an insult. All over the world, the "Born There’ has privileges that others not born there, will never have. Should St. Maarten be different? Is this to say that future generations born here will always be at the mercy of the politicians? Do those politicians have children who are born here? Will those politicians always be around to lookout for them? Or is their bread buttered for years to come? Is the "Born Here" only relevant during elections? Such remarks are the more insulting when we take government’s position into account where education, housing, poverty eradication, food security, jobs, taxes, sewage etc. are concerned. Adding these issues to the equation simply proves that government has failed us in its core task and in its responsibility towards the youth. In short the skepticism is growing. The long awaited governing accord when it was finally presented, did it offer clarity on the many issues mentioned? In our schools we work presently with the Foundation Based Education approach. It is characterized among others by: a total change of the structure, greater individualization by means of differentiation in groups. Evaluations should be carried out at regular intervals for the purpose of monitoring both the quality and the levels. It is rumored that the evaluations that should have taken place for the last school year, did not taken place. If this is the case, is this exception or is this the " norm"? Sources claim that it is the "norm" because the bureau entrusted with those evaluations is understaffed. Who suffers? Isn’t it the "Born Here". In other words government is failing the youth every day and to say "Born Here" has no meaning amounts to acknowledging the failed educational policy for the last 30 years. What is the opportunity cost of this failed policy? Opportunity cost is primarily about the efficient use of scarce resources and the notion of such cost ought to play a crucial role in ensuring that resources are indeed use efficiently (CFT). Our present opportunity cost is the overcrowded jail, the immigration problem, a building on Pond Island that is wasting away, the BTA confusion, the non compliance of 60% of the taxpayers, a school system that is producing what the labor market doesn’t need, a worsening infrastructure, a steady decline in the standard of living and no agriculture to feed the people. And last be not least, inflated salaries for our elected officials. To decry the "Born Here" violates our basic human rights, the argument used cannot be proven. What about all those great local minds that are serving this country in a proud manner? What do they stand for? The philosophy of the language used to bring the "Born Here" down , is not of a counseling or coaching nature. Where does the profile used to gauge a St. Maarten come from? Who writes it? Is it a carbon copy of a function somewhere in the Netherlands? How are such profiles rewritten to conceptualize the St. Maarten needs? If our leaders cannot counsel or coach us to the next level, who will? True or false.

John A. Richardson on behalf of the Pythagoras-group.