TelEm Group announces new rate packages for landline subscribers

TelEm Group is launching a campaign this week to increase the number of fixed telephone lines in St. Maarten homes – reversing what has become a global trend.  

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According to telecommunication providers around the world, homeowners are giving up their fixed telephones lines and monthly subscriptions for fixed lines in preference to mobile phones and VOiP services such as Skype.

But TelEm Group says a new pricing package that includes free minutes and the possibility of high-speed internet connections makes a fixed landline telephone the best value for the customer than it has ever been.

Information about the new packages are announced today offering three subscriber payment rates for budget-conscious customers.

TelEm Group says there are several good reasons why homeowners would want to maintain their fixed telephone lines:

* Landline to landline calls are cheaper

* New free minute packages

* Excellent backup 24/7

* Pay-as-you call packages available.

* Excellent subscriber rates.

* A must during the hurricane season

* Digital technology

* Great looking handsets

TelEm Group says fixed line customers also have the added bonus and security of knowing that all landlines will now be connecting to the company’s new CS2K Softswitch which will greatly speed up repairs and installations of faulty and new telephone lines.

"Our mobile customers have enjoyed similar packages to suit their budget and amount of use for many years. Now we have been able to put similar packages in place for our landline users also," said TelEm Group Manager Marketing & Sales Mrs. Carmen Lake-Reyes.

Mrs. Lake-Reyes said while mobile technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds, the good old reliable "home phone" is now more dependable than ever with a host of modern features to boot.

"We have invested millions over the years to put our telephone network underground so that in the event of a hurricane our customers remain connected for longer or are reconnect quicker once power is available," said the Marketing manager.

She said with the company’s ADSL high-speed internet service, a home phone means customers can get their voice and data on one line as a fixed prepaid or on a regular fixed line service.

"New fiber technology means you can bring anything to the home, TV, internet, voice via you telephone line, so even around the world we are seeing a renewed interest in the fixed line technology," continued the Marketing manager, who also believes customers will be surprised at all that can be offered with a fixed phone line in the home today.