Commissioner William Marlin & USONA Sign Agreements

Leader of Government Commissioner William Marlin signed two agreements with USONA on February 24th 2010 at the Government Administration Building for the funding of 2 school projects.

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The 1st project that was signed was for the tune of 2.28 million guilders which is the funding for further development for PSVE Schools on St.Maarten. 

This project is to improve structures of schools, to upgrade teachers and to fund further programs in the schools. The duration for this project is scheduled for 2 years and it is aimed at raising the level of the PSVE schools on St.Maarten.

The 2nd agreement that was signed was to a tune of 5.6 million guilders which will fund a new SBO School in Cay Hill. Partially the funding is for the preparation of the project of the school. 4 million guilders is reserved for the construction of the school, leaving the Government of St.Maarten to supply the rest of the funds.

This project could take up to 2 years, but that depends on if, when and how long the Government takes to provide the rest of the funds. As soon as they accumulate the funds, then the project has the green light to begin.

The cost for the entire project is about 9 – 10 million guilders.