Police Report: Man shot in his car while leaving his home

On Monday January 8th at approximately 12.05 a.m. a Philipsburg police patrol was sent to Paradise Island road in Madame Estate where several gun shots were heard.

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On the scene witnesses informed the patrol that they heard at least three gunshots, but could not say exactly where the shots were fired from or who the ones were that were responsible for firing the shots. While the patrol were conducting their investigation the Central dispatch directed them to Grenada drive where the shooting incident had possibly taken place, however in that road they did not encounter anyone. Directly there after, the patrol was sent to the Sint Maarten Medical Center, where a man who had been shot was brought in for medical attention. At the medical center the patrol spoke to the man with initials F.A. who stated, that he was the victim of the shooting in Greneda drive. The victim stated that he was leaving his house in his car at around midnight, when all of a sudden he heard shots being fired, however he could not see where these shots were coming from, or who was shooting at him. He further stated, that he heard at least three shots fired, one of which penetrated the body of the car and hitting him in his left leg. The victim also stated that he had no idea who and for what reason anyone would want to shoot him. The victim was treated for his wounds at the hospital.

During the investigation the Forensic dept. located three bullet holes in the body of the vehicle. The car has been confiscated for further investigation. This case is under investigation by the Detective Department en Forensic Department.