Preparations for National Health Insurance for Country Sint Maarten well underway

Recently the Executive Council presented a document to the established broad based advisory committee for a new National Health Insurance System for Country Sint Maarten.


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This national effort should be seen in the light of preparations for country status being set for 101010 and the especially approved project organization to accomplish health financing reform with the objective of improved accessibility to health care services for all residents on the island.

Director of Sector Public health, Social development and Labor Jorien Wuite, said that the new system will be one moving away from the current fragmented system with various packages and a high percentage of the population that is left uninsured.

More emphasis will also be placed on preventive health care services amongst the population since this is expected to benefit the overall health of the population.

The presented document describes the four basic pillars of the new system, being the preferred contribution scenario, a broad based health care package and other matters of the organizational framework such as the role of government and the executing agency in health care financing.

The developed health care coverage package for country Sint Maarten has been broadly defined according to the Dutch system.

Plans have also been developed and terms of reference drafted for an extensive review of medical tariffs, a comprehensive health information system and a communication plan to facilitate and guide the introduction process.

Important steps will be taken in the coming weeks with respect to the abovementioned subjects based on consultation with the advisory committee in which relevant stakeholders such as health care providers, insurance companies, patient organizations, social partners and the private sector are represented.

In order to introduce this system as of the date of obtaining country status, final decision-making of the pillars of this system by the Island Council is critical before the end of 2009.