Press Release from the The Acting Chief of Police


The management of the KPSSS has taken note of an open letter from one of its colleagues that appeared in the newspapers and the Internet on September 10th and 11th, 2009.


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The management of the KPSSS believes that it involves an internal personnel matter, for which at this time no further announcements will be made. Obviously, the accusations that were launched in general terms will be investigated.

In general, the management of the KPSSS would like to say that it works hard to constantly improve the quality of the KPSSS. It is the ambitious of the management to always appoint the most suitable candidate within the corps when a vacancy is available.

Further, a candidate that is not appointed may object to the rejection of his candidacy. This internal procedure is finally decided upon by the Court that deals with cases for civil servants.

In this particular case, the colleague did not file an internal appeal.

The Acting Chief of Police

Ademar Doran