Official Voter Registration Statistics Announced for January 11 2024 Parliamentary Elections

The Ministry of General Affairs alongside the Central Voting Bureau is pleased to provide the public with the latest statistics from the Voter Registry, which officially closed on October 23, 2023. This update is part of our commitment to transparency and public engagement in the lead-up to the Parliamentary Elections slated for January 11, 2024.
The total number of registered voters for the upcoming election is 22,553. The breakdown by gender
is as follows:
 Male Voters: 10,647
 Female Voters: 11,906
The Civil Registry is in the process of analyzing these figures to offer a more comprehensive
understanding of the voter demographics, including a district-wise breakdown, which will be shared
with the public shortly.
The closure of the Voter Registry is a significant milestone in our election timeline, and we
commend the citizens of Sint Maarten for their active enrollment, demonstrating their readiness to
participate in the democratic process.
We encourage all voters to stay informed about election developments as we continue preparations
for Election Day. Further details regarding polling station locations, voting hours, and public order
protocols will be communicated in subsequent releases.
The Ministry of General Affairs and the Central Voting Bureau appreciate the community’s
involvement in shaping the future of Sint Maarten and look forward to a robust turnout on January 11.