Ministry of Justice Launches Justice Week 2023 with a Powerful Prayer Link

The Ministry of Justice is delighted to announce the commencement of Justice Week 2023,
a week-long celebration dedicated to honoring the tireless efforts of justice workers and promoting
safety and security within the community. From July 10th to July 17th, a series of activities and events
will be held, culminating in Justice Day on the 17th.
The Honorable Minister of Justice, Anna E. Richardson, inaugurated Justice Week with a remarkable
Justice Prayer Link, which brought together administrative and frontline justice workers. The event took
place on E. C. Richardson Street, symbolizing the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to upholding
The ceremony began with powerful prayers delivered by Pastor Cuvalay of the Seventh Day Adventist
Church and Apostle Edwin Arrindell of Christian Faith International Ministry. Their heartfelt words
invoked blessings and protection upon the courageous men and women who selflessly serve within the
Ministry, ensuring the safety and security of the Sint Maarten community.
Minister Richardson expressed her gratitude to Acting Secretary General, Ms. Florence Marlin, and the
department heads, including Chief of Police Mr. Carl John, Prison Director Mr. Steven Carty, Acting-Chief
of Customs Mr. Franklin Bernadina, Head of Court of Guardianship Mrs. Kimberly Brown, Acting Head of
National Detectives Ms. Lucy Gachette, Chief Prosecutor Mrs. Heike Buist, and Officer Daniel Jeffers of
the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard, for their inspiring speeches following the prayer. She emphasized the
significance of the collective prayer, uniting the Ministry’s staff in seeking protection for themselves,
their colleagues, and the entire community of Sint Maarten.
“Today’s launch of Justice Week has set a remarkable precedent, filling our hearts with positivity,
blessings, and a sense of purpose,” stated Minister Richardson. “I extend my sincere appreciation to the
Justice Committee for their hard work to put this all together, the Acting Secretary General, department
heads, and all staff members who participated in the prayer link, solidifying our bond as we collectively
prayed for our protection and the well-being of our colleagues and the community of Sint Maarten.”Throughout Justice Week, the Ministry of Justice will continue organizing a range of activities aimed at
raising awareness, fostering collaboration, unity and further strengthening the justice system in Sint