Scooter Rider Flees Scene after Collision with Vehicle; Investigation Underway

Personnel of the traffic department of KPSM are currently investigating an incident that occurred on
Thursday May 11, 2023, at about 02.00 pm involving a collision between a Kymco scooter and a green
car on Welfare Road. Following the accident, the scooter rider swiftly fled the scene, heading towards
Union Road at a high speed.
Upon witnessing the incident, nearby police officers immediately initiated an attempt to apprehend the
fleeing scooter rider. Despite their efforts, the individual persistently evaded the pursuing officers and
continued towards Union Road, posing a potential risk to other road users.
Recognizing the imminent danger posed by the motorcyclist, the patrol made a decision to block the
path of the reckless rider using a police car. In an attempt to evade capture, the driver collided with
the side of the police car, resulting him falling to the ground. Subsequently, the motorcyclist was
promptly apprehended by the police and transported to the Phillipsburg police station, where he is
currently being held pending further investigation. The KPSM traffic department is investigating this