Container waiting area for ferry passengers

The Public Entity Saba has, in collaboration with local contractor Work Monster, installed a modified container at the Fort Bay Harbor where ferry passengers can shelter against the weather elements.
The initiative came from Commissioner Bruce Zagers who felt that something needed to be done to protect the waiting ferry passengers from the sun and rain. The harbor staff was involved in coming up with a way to create shelter for the ferry passengers. Zagers in particular mentioned Omar Johnson, who was onsite when the idea was discussed and who gave valuable input.
It was agreed that the structure needed to be mobile so it could be moved in case of an approaching storm or during the annual Saba Day Weekend events that are held at the harbor. A creative solution was found. Luckily, there was already a 40-foot container on the island, brought in by Work Monster.
This large size container does not come regularly to Saba, because it cannot be transported out of the Fort Bay area due to the limitation of the steep S-curve.
It was agreed with Work Monster that the Public Entity Saba could buy the 40-foor container for a reduced price and that Work Monster would install the container. Jordan Carolina of the Planning Bureau made the design to modify a 40-foot container. Two large portals were created on one side allowing for air and light, and the container was painted white against the heat. Green borders were added to give it a Saban look. Wooden benches were placed inside.
Within short, posters of the new harbor project and general tourism posters showing Saba’s beauty will be displayed in the container. Information from the Saba Tourist Bureau, such as folders, will also be available. The installation was completed last week and already passengers are using the container. The Planning Bureau did the design, preparation and execution of this project, which was financed by the Public Entity Saba.