Health Talk on the Rock, a new community outreach initiative

Health Talk on the Rock is the name of a new, unique health project by Community Development
and Public Health Department Saba, combining health promotion and community outreach.
Community Outreach Coordinator Kemaul Lee and Public Heath Promoter Allan Carolina connect with
members of the community once a month to talk about health, about how they feel and to hear their
perspective on health-related topics.
“We will go where the people are: on the street, in their workplace, where they hang out. Have an open,
spontaneous, unscripted and real interaction with people, wherever they are,” said Carolina. It can be in
a formal or informal setting. For example, a street interview, an interview while having lunch at one of
the local restaurants or interviews with health professionals.
The idea of Health Talk on the Rock is to bring the perspective of the community and healthcare
professionals together towards one common goal: a healthier lifestyle. “We want to do this by creating
a platform for real and authentic conversation where the voice of the community can be heard,” said
Lee and Carolina will, on a monthly basis, release video interviews covering different health topics
relating to physical, mental and social wellbeing. The promotional video for Health Talk on the Rock has
been launched on the Facebook page of the Public Health Department.