As part of the process to collect the 2023 license plates, rental car permit holders will need to submit to the Inspectorate of TEATT (Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications) the following
information in order to receive a confirmation letter to submit to collect 2023 license plates:
• 2022 Business Permit Proof of Payment (if applicable)
• 2022 Director Permit Proof of Payment (if applicable)
• 2022 Chamber of Commerce Extract
• Valid motor vehicle Insurance
• Valid motor vehicle inspection card
• Proof of being registered at the Inspectorate of Taxes
In addition, an Excel spreadsheet will need to be completed and returned via email that will provide a current inventory of the motor vehicles in the rental fleet of the car rental business.

Rental car permit holders may request this spreadsheet by emailing te*********@si************.org.
The TEATT Inspectorate endeavors to return the confirmation letter within five (5) business days once all documents have been submitted and are valid.
The deadline to submit these documents is February 17, 2023, in order to give the department sufficient time to process the application. The five (5) business day processing time cannot be guaranteed after this deadline.
All rental car permit holders are encouraged to contact the department via te*********@si************.org for additional information or to submit their documents for processing.
No hard copies will be accepted at the TEATT Inspectorate office for processing of the confirmation letter unless requested by the department itself.