Police Academy students paid visit prison

Police Academy students of Class BPO 5 visited the House of Detention (prison) in Point Blanche on Tuesday, August 16, 2022. This visit was a very educational experience for students to see and experience operations of the prison and the routine of inmates.
Prison Inspector Steven Carty explained to the police-in-training about the resocialization of inmates and programs offers to achieve this goal; included is not only work activities, but educational and training courses.
“The objective is to properly reintegrate prisoners into society by ensuring they ‘go out better than they came in,” said Inspector Carty.
The BPO 5 class has been in training for half-a-year and is working on the module “Responding to the Disturbance”. This module covers how to deal with disturbance caused by mentally-ill people or addicts, as well as with youth-related problems. This module also deals with operating at a crime scene.
The management of the Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM thanks Mr. Carty and his team for their cooperation and hospitality.