MHF Hosts World Bank Visit

The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) hosted a visit by World Bank Representatives (WB) on Tuesday June, 7, 2022, during which they visited the plot of land that would house the future MHF building in St. Johns Estate, followed by a meeting on June 8, 2022 along with the MHF Board and The National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB) to discuss and agree on subsequent matters pertaining the realization of this project.
Further deliberations with WB were conducted at MHF that afternoon with MHF Financial & Operational Director, Mr. Sandro Garcia and MHF department coordinators to review the necessary processes and staff involvement for said project. The meetings with WB representatives Ana Mercado, Alyssa Khan, Johanne Angers, Carolyn Shelton and Marcelo Bortman, were extremely fruitful and drew positive consensus. The WB representatives expressed great zeal in extending assistance, intelligence and support in realizing the objectives of MHF through the approved funding. The representatives also maximized on their visit by engaged in discussions with MHF stakeholders including Government and other relevant parties.
The project was made possible through MHF’s application for a grant through the WB to improve its quality of mental health services, which was approved. The grant is intended for the construction of a new building in St. John’s Estate, where MHF recently purchased land.
The project would facilitate a needed expansion for the short and long-term stay facility, Crisis Intervention, and Day treatment programs. Part of the approved funding will also be allocated to staff development through training and educational opportunities to upgrade the professional expertise of personnel and the foundation’s quality of service.