National Alliance – Labor

The National Alliance government stands firm in rescuing our broken economy and putting people back to work. Job creation is still Job #1.
While in Government we worked diligently on reversing the poorly conceived labor policy of the Democratic and United People Party that endangered businesses and investor confidence, and we refocused and re-branded our tourism product to make Saint Maarten the region’s number one destination choice and the number one place for business.
The National Alliance wants our economy to grow and our country to succeed, and to create jobs, hope and opportunity.
We are committed to reducing the economic burdens of all citizens. We will continue to explore effective possibilities to bring relief to our people. We will continue to develop new strategies to protect and expand employment creation at existing and new enterprises.
A National Alliance Government will:
§ Push through and execute the legislation we brought to Parliament to end the abuse of six month labor contracts on St. Maarten
§ Fight to protect and grow small local businesses by offering tax incentives and government assistance.
§ Introduce a number of measures to propel the economy with an emphasis on local business people.
§ Partner with local entrepreneurs by providing the required business development programs, skills training and other assistance to make sure they are successful.
§ Put laws in place that will allow businesses to succeed in a fair manner by limiting business licenses in a specified sector so that all can get their piece of the pie.
§ Provide beginner, intermediate and advanced skills training in order to create long-term, decent paying jobs.
§ Support Economic Diversification and bridge the digital divide by promoting ICT-driven jobs and e-businesses.
§ Promote research and collaboration between the Labor Department, Education Department and Immigration Department to do a Needs Assessment of our labor market, and adjust our education and job training programs to meet our labor needs.
§ Promote collaboration between the Labor Department, Business Community, Study Financing Division and Student Support Services to build a database of students studying abroad to link with our business community to promote their return to invest their studies in the building of St. Maarten, as well as to afford them more opportunities for Internships
§ Provide tax and other incentives for Businesses to collaborate with the Youth Development Program to provide job training opportunities for our youth
§ Carry out complete and thorough Registration Campaign of the unemployed to better develop programs aimed at getting our unemployed to work
§ Develop and implement training, retraining and education programs within the communities to empower our people to become productive members within their own neighbohoods.
§ Promote a Culture of Work to Earn, Service and Volunteerism within our community