Particularly new station ship in Caribbean

A maritime historic event will take place next Monday, February 11th place in the port of Willemstad. HNLMS Friesland, one of the newest ships of the Royal Navy, sails for the first time in Curacao.The new boat is between 11.30 and 12.00 military ceremonial received at the port of Willemstad.


This is done with 21 cannon shots in total. This is partly salute fired from Fort Wavy Line drawn there by the guns. At 12.00 the ship fires between the breakwaters the last cannon shots in honor of the Governor of Curaçao and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Acting Governor, mrs. Adele van der Pluijm-Peace, together with the Commander Navy Caribbean, on the steps of the Fort Amsterdam received the salute. An armed guard, provided by a platoon of the Curaçao Militia, brings honor. This is musically supported by a Piper of the Marine Corps.All in all, the ceremonial entry impressive traditional naval tradition this time additional value given by another historical fact. In 2013 the Royal Navy celebrates its 525 anniversary.

The theme of this celebration is innovation, which in the Caribbean with the arrival of the latest naval vessel is additionally emphasized.