Harbour Updates AIC-Central Bank Agent

On the 7th November 2012, the Harbour met with AIC officials in Curacao to give a formal update on status of affairs. The periodic performance report was handed in timely to AIC from the Harbour Finance N.V.


Mingo informed Mr Arthur Adams on the state of affairs the Harbour which included projects such as Pier I reengineering, Maintenance Dredging, Causeway Project and the Preparation Pier II plans. As part of the new strategic plan which is planned to be finalized in December 2012 will also be shared with AIC, which will include the long term investment plans of the Harbour. Before the Harbour engages in any investment project we will always inform our stakeholders especially the financier or representative and explaining its long term impact.

Also based on the presentation which was given during the FCCA conference in Curacao to the Bondholders an introduction was also done to introduce our new Shareholder representative Minister Mr. Romeo Pantophlet this was well received. Also not to give too much details there was a lot of interest for the bonds purchase from the Harbour from potential investors which include financial institutions including large pension funds.

During the meeting, Adams and Mingo also discussed strategic investments of the Harbour related to its 4 core pillars, Cruise, Cargo , Yachting and Real Estate. AIC also has experience in finding finance for strategic projects.