TelEm Group recognizes hard working Newspaper vendors

TelEm Group is recognizing the daily efforts of Sint Maarten’s hard-working newspaper vendors who bring the day’s news to motorist and members of the public – come rain or shine.


Starting today, some 28 vendors will be receiving monthly phone credits from TelEm Group along with the use of a free mobile phone to use as they wish.

On Friday the vendors gathered at the Daily Herald Building on Bush Road to also receive a tote bag in which they can carry their newspapers for sale, along with a protective apron and an umbrella for protection from the sun and rain.

In return the vendors have signed a three-year contract to promote TelEm Group and the Daily Herald by wearing and using the promotional materials.

TelEm Group says the 28 vendors are only part of the larger number of newspaper vendors scattered around St. Maarten. The company is hoping other vendors will jump on board before long.

"It’s very easy to take these hard-working people for granted because they come out each morning whether it’s raining or not to ensure the daily newspapers are delivered to readers," said TelEm Group Lead Customer Service Representative, Mr. Suraj Ramdas.

Mr. Ramdas thanked the owners of the Daily Herald for allowing the company to approach the vendors about the mutually beneficial promotional campaign.

He said the vendors were especially grateful that a company such as TelEm Group would recognize the contribution they make by being out on the streets each morning to delivery the daily news.

Daily Herald Publish/Managing Director, Mr. Paul de-Windt, says his newspaper backs any initiative that makes life easier or more comfortable for hard-working newspaper vendors around the island.

"While they (newspaper vendors) are not directly employed by The Daily Herald, we nevertheless take a great interest in their welfare and how they represent the sale of our newspaper," said Mr. De Windt when first approached about the campaign earlier this year.

On Friday, the Daily Herald chief provided his full support by posing with the vendors along with TelEm Group staff involved in the project including Marketing Officer, Marelva Jones and intern Eljah Gipson.

Mr. Gipson has received full praise within TelEm Group for seeing the project to Friday’s presentation ceremony while only temporarily employed in the company.

"Eljah has been very focused and is already working on other projects for us," added Mr. Ramdas.