Nature Foundation Relocates Sea Turtle Nest Due to Tropical Storm Isaac

During the passing of Tropical Storm Isaac the St. Maarten Nature Foundation was called by visitors to Simpson Bay Beach regarding a possible Sea Turtle Nest.  

Foundation staff responded to the call and found a previously unrecorded Sea Turtle Nest close to the vicinity of Aqualine Apartments on the east end of Simpson Bay Beach. It was determined that the nest be urgently relocated to a safer location due to large waves caused by the passing of Tropical Storm Isaac threatening to drown the sea turtle nest. With the help of the Costa Family the Foundation was able to transport approximately seventy Green Sea Turtle eggs to an area in which the nest can safely hatch. On Sunday the Foundation again checked the nest and found the eggs to be healthy. The relocated nest should hatch at the end of September.

Sea Turtle nesting season lasts from March to November on St. Maarten. Sea turtle population numbers have plummeted to dangerously low numbers throughout the past century due to human impacts, bringing many species close to extinction, causing them to be listed as critically endangered. In order to reverse this trend, all sea turtle species are now protected by international laws and treaties as well as local laws. The St. Maarten Nature Foundation actively manages the sea turtle population on St. Maarten, particularly during the nesting season.