Prime Minister during International Justice Day Celebrations:

“We have come a long way in ensuring justice and security for our citizens”

 The Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams attended the ceremonies centered around the celebration of International Day of Justice on Tuesday.

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The Prime Minister was joined by numerous dignitaries including His Excellency Governor Holliday, the Minister of Justice Roland Duncan, Minister of Health and Social Affairs Cornelius de Weever, President of the Collectivity Alain Richardson and the Chief Minister of Anguilla Minister Hughes.

In her official remarks the Prime Minister, on behalf of the Council of Ministers of St. Maarten, extended her appreciation and congratulations to the Minister of Justice Roland Duncan and his Ministry on organizing the activities surrounding the International Day of Justice; “Today is a day in which we can reflect in the steps and strives made in our own justice system. We have a lot to be proud of on St. Maarten and the Justice Area is no exception. The Justice Ministry is one of the Ministries which we have had to build from scratch. St. Maarten was finding its way in making sure that when 10-10-10 came around the safety and security of our Citizens would be assured. And today as Prime Minister of Country St. Maarten I can safely say that we have come a long way and, without any doubt, this has been possible through the collaboration and hard work of those involved in the chain of justice on St. Maarten. These Civil Servants have worked so hard in making the level of justice which is available to the people of St. Maarten equal to that of the world beyond us. It has taken a lot of so many of them but they can now be proud of truly building, and continuing to build the Ministry of Justice and ensure our people of a fair and equal Justice System”, commented the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also stated that Tuesday’s celebrations were significant due to the presence of the authorities of French St. Martin and Anguilla. “This is important to recognize because we are affected by so many things which happen around us. Through the collaborative efforts with our colleagues to the north and within our region we have a voice to express our sentiments when it comes to matters of justice. In celebrating this day St. Maarten recognizes the importance of looking around us and recognizing that justice does not only affect us but also the communities of our neighbors in the region. We have assumed the responsibility towards the international world and to step up a notch to mold the values which are recognized internationally and today is one of the events in which we show appreciation for the administration of Justice both nationally and internationally”, concluded the Prime Minister.