Community Police officers continue training

L to R Dr. Hector Garcia, sergeants J. Statie and M. Sirvania, Major E. Josepha, Major H. Romeo-Christina, Police Chief Watthew Boyd and major F.Richards 

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The community police officers who are in presently in training are going through their mentorship period. The mentorship period started on Monday June 11th and will last until July 15th. The mentor for the community police officers is the Police Chief of the city of Miami Garden by the name of Matthew Boyd. During the mentorship the community police officers will be working on several community projects under the guidance of Chief Matthew Boyd. Chief Boyd has been involved in community policing for over twenty years and has been very successful. The crime rate in Miami Garden has dropped by more than 50%. Dr. Hector Garcia, head of the Miami Dade School of Justice is also present to help guide the police officers during this period. On July 16th the officers will start their internship at the Miami Dade School of Justice. During their internship the officers will be visited by Commissioner Carl John who is spearheading this entire project.