Suspects on scooter collide with police vehicle

On Sunday April 15th at approximately 06.30 a.m. a Philipsburg Police Patrol was directed to Middle Region in the vicinity of Margereth Bruce’s Drive to investigate a case where a shot or shots were fired.

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The suspect in this case was a man of brown complexion, dressed in a red T-shirt and a jeans pant. This suspect, according to the caller, was in the possession of a shotgun and had fled the scene on a white and black scooter without a license plate. The caller could not say why the shot was fired. On Middle Region road in the vicinity of Basseterre drive, the police saw a white and black scooter, with two persons on it, coming at high speed from the opposite direction. The rider of the scooter fit the description of the suspect in this case. The patrol ordered the driver of the scooter to slow down and stop however the rider refused to so. The patrol went on to block the path of the scooter in order to force the rider to stop, however the rider again refused to stop and increased speed. During his maneuver to get away from the police the rider lost control of the scooter and collided with the front of police vehicle causing himself and the passenger to fall to the
ground. Both suspects suffered minor bruises to their body. They were treated on the scene by paramedics and then transported to the Sint Maarten medical Center for further treatment. After treatment they were released at which time they were both arrested and put into custody. During a search of the rider of the scooter a spent shotgun cartridge was found and confiscated. The area was also searched to locate the shotgun, however it was not found. Both suspects remain in custody for further investigation as there are indications that these suspects may be involved in other criminal activities.