SZV & Dr. Bryson Sign Contractual Agreement

On April 4th 2012, the signing of a Contractual agreement between SZV, Social & Health Insurances represented by SZV CEO, Mr. Dennis Richardson & Dr. Glenn Bryson, of Dr. Bryson’s Medical Services N.V, Curacao, took place at SZV. 

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Dr. Bryson

A services Level Agreement, SLA, was signed between SZV, the Social & Health Insurances Sint Maarten and well know Physician, Dr. Glenn Bryson of Bryson’s Medical Service, BMS N.V operating under the name Bryson’s Medical Consultancy, Kaminda Seru Waterloo #35 Sunset Heights in Curaçao.

Mr. Willemsber, SZV CEO, Mr. Dennis Richardson & Dr. Glenn Bryson

The signing of this agreement is in keeping with SZV’s quest of providing the highest Quality Care, Customer Care, and Sustainable Care to their clients.

BMS N.V will provide to following services to client(s) who are referred to Curacao for medical services.

1. Patient Transportation to and from airport, hospital, specialist and accommodations

2. Guidance of referred patients while in Curaçao

3. Patient Administration

4. Patient care coordination

5. Emergency medical evacuation

6. Mediation between SZV and care providers in Curaçao