TEZVT-LVV says Python Snakes Not Allowed since St.Maarten not their Natural Habitat

The Inspection Department TEZVT – Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV), has put a policy in place to decline any request to allow the import and sale of Python snakes.


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Pythons are bulky, relatively slow-moving, non-venomous snakes belonging to the group of snakes known as the boids (pronounced ‘bo-ids’).

These snakes are constrictors, meaning they kill prey, mainly birds and mammals, by coiling around it and squeezing until it suffocates. Pythons are mostly nocturnal, travelling along the ground and through trees, but are frequently found basking in the sun during the day.

These snakes range in size from about one metre to giant specimens up to eight metres. Pythons feature a variety of colours and patterns.

According to TEZVT-LVV, Python snakes have proven to be an invasive species in territories that are not their natural habitat, and the country does not possess the necessary resources to deal with these animals should they become a problem.

The TEZVT-LVV department is located at Zoutsteeg #3 in Philipsburg Those requiring additional information can contact the department at 542-2986 or 543-7820.