School bus safety is number one; Department has no tolerance for violence on school busses

School Busing & Taxi Dispatching Section Head M. Thewet described the school bus stabbing incident of Monday as unfortunate, and added that the department has no tolerance for violence on school busses.

Thewet pointed out that the safety of students using the public school bussing system will not be compromised. "Our goal is comfort, safety and reliability while students are being transported from one point to the next.

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"The actions by the department have been noticeable in the past with bi-annual inspections, and random controls in conjunction with the uniformed services. The last control was carried out just two Thursdays ago, and more controls are forthcoming," Section Head M. Thewet said on Tuesday.

The incident will be a topic of discussion at the next general bus drivers meeting to be organized soon. This meeting takes place twice a year and the topics to be addressed are safety, loading and un-loading, dress code, and cooperation with government policies.

Thewet wished the injured students a speedy recovery and called on drivers and students to cooperate with the Police Department who are currently investigating the incident.

The Section School Bussing is also appealing to parents to speak with their children about proper behavior while being transported on a school bus to and from school.

"Safety is our main concern! Any bus driver who experiences any challenges while bussing school children, are asked to contact the school principal and the School Bus Inspection Section immediately.

"Everybody has to abide by the rules and regulations governing the safe transport of school children," School Busing Section Head M. Thewet said on Tuesday.

Parents who would like bussing information can call the section at telephone number 542-4511 or 542-4509 for additional information or clarification.

The School Busing & Taxi Dispatching Section is part of the Inspection Department of Economic Affairs under the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunications.