Chinese Supermarket robbed, 2 suspects arrested

On Wednesday, January 11th at approximately 11.40 a.m., several police patrols were directed to Sint Peters area where again, the Sint Peters Supermarket and Ho Supermarket had been robbed at gunpoint.


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On the scene one of the victims pointed out the suspect who had just committed these two robberies to the police patrol. The suspect took off running through the yards of the residences in the area when he noticed that the police on his track. The police chased the suspect on foot during which time two shots were fired by a police officer however the suspect continue fleeing. The chase ended up at a house on the Apricot road where the suspect was last seen by the police and where it was suspected that the suspect was hidden. During a search of that home under the supervision of an acting prosecutor two suspects with the initials J.M. and A.S. were arrested. Both suspects are from Sint Maarten. A small amount of marihuana, a mask and several items which can be used to commit armed robberies were found and confiscated for further investigation. The suspects were handed over to the Special Robbery Unit who will continue this investigation.