NAGICO reflects on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Luis

Today marks 16 years since the devastating passage of Hurricane Luis, which claimed lives, left US$3.5 billion in estimated damages and displaced hundreds of residents in the Leeward Islands. NAGICO while reflecting on this is reminding the community to continue to be prepared, as Hurricane Luis went down in history as one of the worst hurricanes to make landfall in the region.


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As a result of the massive financial loss, several insurance companies were unable to pay claims and subsequently left the island, leaving hundreds of unpaid claims and clients in crisis. Not only did NAGICO pay all their claims, but did so in a fair and speedy manner.

"Looking at the damage that was left behind after Luis, you can only feel secure knowing that you have excellent insurance coverage with NAGICO, the most reliable insurance provider in the Caribbean," Paul Dijkhoffz, the Marketing Manager of NAGICO said. "We are no doubt in a very active hurricane season, with systems currently developing so anything is possible right now and the last thing you want to have to deal with is loss a from a natural disaster coupled with losing your insurance provider."

NAGICO is cognizant of the fact that times are hard and with this in mind NAGICO has tailored policies and developed payment plans with reasonable installment options to ensure that clients can get quality coverage and affordable premiums.

"Depending on your overall premium and bound to certain conditions, there are payment plans available for clients who have a high premium and cannot afford a lump sum payment," Dijkhoffz said.

He also reminds residents who still need to get their insurance in order, to visit their office or a NAGICO agent to get more information on how they can do so. "Whether you are a homeowner, renter or tenant, you still have valuable items and at NAGICO we can provide you with coverage for that," he said.