Guess Who goes to SIMVA 2010 Finals

As was widely expected Guess Who? won the right to go the SIMVA 2010 Volleyball Finals. On Monday night Guess Who? won the second game of their semifinals against Go For it in the women’s division.

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It only took Guess Who 59 minutes to wrap up the game in three sets. It seemed at times that Go For it ladies were not even into the game especially in the second set when it only took three rotations for Guess Who to win with the devastating score of 25-6 with number 8 Patricia Hinds serving for 11 points. The scores of the match were 25-17, 25-6 and 25-12. Now Guess Who will have to wait to see who will be the other finalist from the next semifinal match to be played between Nitro and Super Six. Nitro is leading 1-0 in the series if they win they will classify for the finals. On the other hand if Super Six wins they will force a decisive third match.

In the men’s match between United and Babylons, United had a scare in the first set when Babylons jumped to 7-0 lead. Head Coach Rhoda Arrindell called a time out to adapt strategy. Initially that didn’t seem to help with Babylons picking up another two points. United then regrouped and picked up their game and started chipping away at the lead to tie the game at 11. Babylons maintained a slight lead up to 17-16 but again United tied the game at 17 and never looked back when United number 10 J.Gumbs served no less than 6 points to shut down Babylons. In the second and third set Babylons never posed any threat to United and United cruised easily to win the right to go to the finals. The partials were 25-17, 25-15 and 25-17. The match took 1 hour and 6 minutes. Now United await the winner of the other semifinal series between Reptiles and Go For it. Reptiles leads the series 1-0.

Semifinals action continues at the L. B. Scot Sport Auditorium on Wednesday night with the first match played between Nitro and Super Six and the second between Reptiles and Go For It.