Dutch MP Out of Order, Should Apologize


Dutch Member of Parliament (MP) from the Labour Party PvdA Jeroen Recourt, is questioning the integrity of members of the Main Voting Bureau who are also supported by members of the various polling stations, based on media reports of alleged irregularities.

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The voting process on the island is carried out in the most transparent manner and upholds the highest standards found in any Western world political process. I can’t recall when the integrity of the Main Voting Bureau has ever been brought into question and if so, that an investigation was carried out to bring to light any past irregularities.

Voters have the highest respect for the members of the Main Voting Bureau and the way they carry out their tasks and responsibilities.

The voting process on the island is regulated by law. The procedures are clearly defined and the members some of them who have been involved in the process for years are well aware of proper governance where voting is concerned.

It is a slap in the face for MP Jeroen Recourt to question the integrity of our voting officials and questioning whether the elections on the island were properly executed.

Recourt has proposed placing the island’s Electoral Council under higher supervision.

His baseless rant is from newspaper clippings in Dutch media that are anti-Sint Maarten.

Recourt owes the Sint Maarten Main Voting Bureau and polling station representatives an apology.

Roddy Heyliger