Commissioner H. Richardson receives PAHO official visit


Commissioner Hyacinth Richardson met with Dr. Luis Guillermo Seoane, a Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) official, of the Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO), based in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Commissioner Richardson welcomed Dr. Seoane, an Advisor in the area of Family and Community Health, to St. Maarten. "It is a pleasure for us to have you in St. Maarten. We wish you a pleasant stay and productive meetings while you are on the island."

Dr. Seoane said that it was a pleasure to be here on St. Maarten and went on to outline the purpose of his visit. "On behalf of his Director and the PAHO official for the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, he is here to continue the relationship with St. Maarten in order to strengthen the relationship, to maintain technical relations, to exchange information, to discuss new ideas, and to develop a consensus with St. Maarten so that the aims and objectives can be met.

In addition, Dr. Seoane said that he wants to find out in what ways PAHO could assist in achieving the projected measures.

The Directorate had a list of places to visit and people to see, namely, the White & Yellow Cross clinic, the Mental Health office, and the SLS Labs. Yesterday, Monday, September 20, Dr. Seoane visited the French side Health Authorities and facilities.

Present at the courtesy visit were Maria Henry, Fenna Arnell, and Eva de Weever—all from the Directorate of Public Health.

Dr. Seoane also met with other officials from the Departments of Social development & Labor and Epidemiology.