Commencement music classes

On Saturday, September 11th Foundation for Hope and Music Development commenced its music classes.  The Foundation established in October of 2008 continues to pursue its primary objective in training children, youth and adults to play one or more musical instruments.  

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While the Foundation intends to offer training in various instruments, it has started with two (2) basic instruments; the recorder and percussion instruments, such as drums, maracas, tambourines, congas, etc.  Classes are held on Saturdays from 10.00am to 12.00noon at the MAC Early Stimulation Classrooms on the grounds of the Philipsburg Methodist Church. For parents/adults and others who are still interested to have their child/children join the classes, can do so on Saturday, September 18th. Registration fee is NAf45.- or US $25.-. Monthly fee is NAf 54,-or US $30.-.

The Board and founder Donevan "Don" Froston wish to thank parents for their patience and encouragement and also thank all who have made donations to the Foundation, thus far. Special thanks to teachers Sir. Reginald "Bobby" Vlaun, and Mr. Hellier Coquillas, who have accepted to assist the Foundation to start up its music classes, despite limited financial resources.