Dear Mr. Editor, thank you for allowing me this space in your newspaper.

It’s with much unbelief that I read and listened to the President of the Democratic Party during the DP.s press release surrounding the candidate N.de Windt’s switch from the Democratic Party to the National Alliance. 

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I believe that Micheal Ferrier should have dealt with the conversation which he alleged took place between him and Ms. De Windt prior to postulation day and her alleged statement of who and how much she was paid to run on the list of the National Alliance. He should have ended his press statement there and then. But when he went on by trying to justify (fool) the people of St. Maarten by explaining why it was right and acceptable and understandable to buy votes or pay persons to run on the DP;s list , coincidentally around election time, is where he "stump his toe" and the toes of the DP. Give me a break does he actually believe he can insult the intelligence of the people of St. Maarten and intelligent we are Mr. President. Let me make my position perfectly clear, I have never and will never condone the buying and selling of votes period. It must stop!

The President’s call for foreign observers is long overdue. He should have called for that like 40 years again. All during the time when persons who were deceased, voting cards were collected and used to vote. Go back to your campaign drawing board and think before you speak. What is even more dumbfounded is that the Leader actually supported those statements. Unbelievable, or is it.

Patricia Pantophlet