Cft President Hans Weitenberg: Member De Windt stops activities temporarily

The President of the Board of financial supervision (College financieel toezicht – Cft), Mr. Hans Weitenberg declared during a press conference on Thursday that Mr. Ivan de Windt has indicated in a letter to him that he will immediately stop his activities temporarily.

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Mr. Weitenberg respects and accepts the concerns and the decision of Mr. De Windt. In his letter, Mr. Ivan de Windt explains that his decision is based on the concern that the developments can create a certain perception that may harm the neutrality, integrity and reputation of the Cft, a situation he wants to avoid at all times. Mr. De Windt has already informed the Finance Commissioner of Curaçao, Mr. Mike Willem, about his decision. This, considering the fact that Mr. Ivan de Windt was proposed by the island territory of Curaçao, as a member of the Board of financial supervision.

Not a suspect

During the press conference, that took place by means of video conferencing, Mr. Weitenberg explained the background of this development, namely the current judicial investigation of two politicians of the island of Bonaire. This investigation extends also to the office of accountant De Windt, where the Public Prosecutor has gathered data, seeing that he has provided business services to one of the politicians. The Public Prosecutor however, has declared explicitly to the press that Mr. De Windt is not a suspect in this investigation.

Interest Cft prevails

According to Mr. Weitenberg, Mr. De Windt stated in his letter, that the Board of financial supervision serves a general interest, namely securing of the financial future of the islands of the Netherlands Antilles, and De Windt concludes that this interest should prevail at all times. His request is therefore to temporarily stop his activities for the Cft, for the duration of the investigation.


The President of the Board of financial supervision indicated that the Cft understands and accepts the concerns of De Windt, and respects his decision. He emphasized hereby once more that Mr. De Windt according to the Public Prosecutor is not a suspect in this investigation. Moreover the President expressed the hope that this investigation will soon bring clarity.