law inforcement


Lt. Gov. Mr. Franklin Richards and law inforcement officials met with members of the crime task force in two seperate meeting

business/public sector headed by Mr. Clarence Richardson(3rd on the right from Lt. Gov. Richards.

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1st with public sector and later with education officials headed by Mr. Vital Carty 1st (l)

On Friday morning at 10am, the United Task Force Against Crime was granted a meeting with the Lt.Governor. The meeting was requested by the UTFAC in a letter dated February 17th. 2010.
The United Task Force Against Crime represents all Community Councils on the island and is tasked with brain storming solutions to the crime situation in the various community districts on the island.
The UTFAC has held several meetings in the various districts and with members of community councils in order to identify problems and challenges and to hear directly from the district leaders what the problems and challenges are in their district as it relates to crime and illegal activities.
The Executive board of the UTFAC met with the Lt.Governor and also present at the meeting were several top Justice Officials; Windward Islands Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos, Interim Head of Immigration Robert Barby, The Interim Coach/Change Manager of the KPSSS Mr.Ronald Dongor, Acting Chief of Police Ademar Doran, The Royal Marechaussee, and members of the Lt.Governors Cabinet.
The United Task Force Against Crime was represented by Chairman Mr.Clarence Richardson, Mr.Lenny Priest, Mrs.Margaret Steeman, Mr.Benjamin Kelly and Mrs. Jadira Veen.
The United Task Force Against Crime brought forward many issues and suggestions as a contribution to strengthen the fight against crime in the various community districts.
Issues relating to youth delinquency and youth crimes, Strengthening of the Police force with more manpower, Community policing, Enforcement of the laws, Introduction of a curfew for the youth and monitoring of the 4 border points at random times.
These and many more suggestions were brought forward by the UTFAC and were points of discussion with the Lt.Governor and the top Justice officials.
The United Task Force Against Crime stated that in order to fight crime, there must be a good working relationship between the various community councils and the police.
The Lt.Governor thanked the UTFAC for coming to the discussion table with suggestions and solutions to the crime situation as opposed to just criticizing and he has promised a follow meeting in the coming weeks.