Informateur Mr. P.J. Atacho presented his final report on February 21st 2010

On February 21, 2010, the Informateur Mr. P.J. Atacho presented his final report concerning his findings in connection with the formation of a new cabinet to the Governor of the Netherlands Antilles, mr. F.M. d.l.S. Goedgedrag.  

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The informateur informed the Governor of the fact that 6 political parties, representing 14 seats in Parliament, have reached a consensus on the formation of a Cabinet.

The leaders of these parties expressed their wish that the informateur be appointed as the formateur. Based on the advice of the informateur, the Governor requested Mr. P.J. Atacho to form a cabinet as soon as possible, which:

has a broad support in the Parliament of the Netherlands Antilles and broadly supported on all the islands of the Netherlands Antilles;

consists of persons who fit in a general profile, such as:

– A broad knowledge of the Government apparatus;

– Sufficient expertise of the specific field;

– Management qualifications;

– A firm determination to execute the ‘Akkoord van Philipsburg’, and to formulate the related program of the new Cabinet within a month after its inauguration. The program must be equally aimed at executing the previously agreed three areas of priority policies.

Furthermore the Governor has pointed out to the formateur the National Decree (Landsbesluit) of February 10, 2010, nr 868/RNA’10 concerning the incompatibility of interests and functions in the framework of the designation of ministers and state secretaries, and requested him to see to it that this decree is well observed.

The Governor requested the formateur to report of his findings no later than March 16, 2010.

Mr. P.J. Atacho took the commission into consideration.

Willemstad, February 23, 2010.