Police Report:Weapons found during and after the Jam Session,Man caught with stolen airconditioning


Weapons found during and after the Jam Session held by Andrew Dick at the ball park next to the Carnival village

This show was organized by Andrew Dick on Friday night February 13th 2010. It wasn’t properly organized. To start with the lighting wasn’t very good. Because of this the show was almost stop before it even started.

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It was later fixed and the show was able to go on. During the show the misconduct, vulgarity and misbehavior was the cause stopping it a little early. Andrew Dick had a permit from 18.00 p.m. to 01.00 .am. After warning Mr Dick several times of bad image his show had and also the misconduct of the those present, shortly after some of them present started pushing and fighting on the dance floor. It was clear then that this could no longer go on. With this said the show was bought to an halt. Mr Andrew DICK was not happy about this. I received a video the very next day displaying all that Mr Dick was warned about during the show. The weapons in the picture were found outside hidden along side the walls of the ball park. We later got information that a planned fight was in the making for after the show. We also got information that others weapons were also hidden in the area of the SxM university were also found before those who put them there got to them. This made it impossible for them to be use later.



Man caught with stolen airconditioning

On Saturday February 13th at approximately 10.45 a.m. a police patrol was sent to Francis Bar on the A.Th. Illidge road to investigate a case of a stolen airconditining. On the scene the officers spoke to the man with initials J.M.E.P. who stated that a few days ago unknown persons had stolen a airconditioning belonging to MICRO DEVICE located on the Illidge road. The establishment in questioned belonged to a family member of his. J.M.E.P. further stated, that he recognized the same airconditioning unit in the possesion of the man with the initials N.A.M.D. The investigating officers spoke to N.A.M.D. who stated that he recieved the airco-unit from a unknown drugaddict. N.A.M.B. was arrested on the spot and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station, where he was handed over to the Detective Department. The airco-unit was also confiscated for further investigation.


Drive-by shooting

On Saturday at approximately 11.35 a.m. a police patrol was sent to Little Bay road # 5 to investigate a shooting incident. On the scene the investigating officers spoke to the lady with initials C.M.R. who stated that she had learnt that during the night hours two men who were riding on a scooter fired shots at a group of men living in the Downstreet area. As a result of this shooting one of the bullets penetrated the frame of a bedroom window, hitting a closet and then penetrating the bedroom door. No one was injured during the incident and none of the persons who were shot at had filed a police report. The Detective and Forensic Department have been called in to investigate the matter.