ROAT Reading Program Receives Christmas Cheer from St.Dominic School Community Work Group Volunteers

The Reach Out and Touch Foundation sponsored program Reach Out and Read came to a fun end for the Christmas period – thanks to the input of community volunteer students from the St. Dominic School. 

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The young volunteers put on heir own program of events to entertain the young readers and even invited Santa along to take to the youngsters about the books they were reading and also to present them with goodie bags.

It has become a custom for children in the Foundation’s reading program to receive a small treat for Christmas as a reward for the work they have been doing to improve their reading skills.

"The St. Dominic School volunteers took over the show this year by organizing their own end of year event complete with an educational word search for the children and prizes for the first two children to finish the word search puzzle," said ROAT president Joe Dominique.

He thanked the students for the great example shown and recommended some bonus community service points for the initiative, which they came up with all of their own.

The ROAT president thanked coordinators, Duane Richardson, Stella Elstak and Lloyd Temmer for their continued hard work and all volunteers who continue to give up their time to assist with the reading program. He also thanked the Philipsburg Jubilee Library for its continued collaboration in the annual reading program and a number of sponsors who provided items for the goodie bags.

"We have made much progress in a short time this year and look forward to continuing at a even greater pace after the Christmas break," continued the ROAT president while wishing all the young readers, parents and volunteers and safe and wonderful Christmas break.