VSBO schools present their School Development Plans

Thursday December 10th 2009, the School Managers of the Milton Peters College, Sundial School, the Sint Maarten Academy and the Sint Maarten Vocational Training School presented their School Development Plan to their School Board Representatives.  

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Over the past 10 months, the management team and staff of the various VSBO schools received individual- and group coaching in writing their School Development Plans. During intensive work session, under the supervision of the consultant Mr. Kurt Schoop, the schools analyzed different topics as the School Language Policy, Student Care Policy, Quality Care and Student Tracking and translated them into concrete Action plans.

With the implementation of the VSBO, the law states that all VSBO Schools should have a School Development plan in place. This symbolic handing is the first step moving from an old concept, to a new concept, where the School Development Plan is "living" document that is being reviewed, revised and adjusted where necessary, every Scholastic Year.

This initiative is financed by Dutch Development funds trough USONA as part of the implementation of the project plan VSBO, Sint Maarten.