Executive Council extends deep gratitude and respect to USM on 20th Anniversary

Commissioner of Education Leader of Government William Marlin on behalf of the Executive Council extends the Council’s deep gratitude and respect to the board, university administration, graduates and current students of the University of St. Martin (USM) on the educational institutions 20th anniversary to be celebrated on Saturday, November 7.


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Commissioner Marlin who is currently in Holland on a working visit expressed the aforementioned on Thursday.

The educational institution was founded back in 1989 has grown over the years to having an enrolment of close to 400 full-time and part-time students.

"The mission of USM started back in 1989 was only made possible by the support of those who have passed through the doors of the university during the past 20-years and the brilliant faculty that have given them the knowledge to move on academically or into the workforce.

"The task of universities is to guide young people to the intellectual frontiers, to take them as far as they are capable of going. USM has fulfilled this role and will continue on this track for many more decades.

"The founders of this educational institution back in 1989, were making a statement about their confidence in the workers and young people of the island ensuring that they developed an educational institution to meet the aspirations of the community.

"The very nature of a successful university is its cultural breath, and it is important to maintain the balance between the arts, humanities, social sciences, technologies and sciences.

"A rich intellectual environment created by mixing the cultures attracts the most creative minds. Without a doubt, USM faculty, board and management will continue to work in unisom to further extend and enrich its programs for those who want to broaden their educational experience on the island.

"USM has brought opportunities to the doorsteps of those seeking a university education. USM is indeed the key to a brighter future and every student should make use of this opportunity right at home.

"I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank all those who have played a role in the development of USM and those who have been involved in the recent successes of the facility.

"Lets celebrate today’s students and staff who have made the University what it is today, and who are laying the foundations that will ensure its future. The founders of USM took a bold step back in the 1980s and their successors are just as bold today to carry on what has been built over the 20-year period," Commissioner of Education William Marlin expressed on behalf of the Executive Council in a statement to the Government Information Service (GIS) on Thursday.