CTC TV, STATIA’S LOCAL CHANNEL is going to broadcast in Saba and St. Maarten . In July 2007, CTC TV officially launched and has grown rapidly to one of the most watched television stations on cable today.


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Despite the rapid growth in production and quality, the owners Mr. Ricardo Fortin (Thachie) and Celia De Jesus say this is only the beginning. We have a very bright future ahead of us for information and entertainment.

GIS, Basketball and Dutch on CTC TV

Statia’s Government Information Service is preparing to have some of their government programs, live/taped shows and informative sessions broadcasted on channel 7. There are more developments; next year certain local basketball games will be shown live on channel 7 and in the morning on weekends, there will be animations and educational programs in Dutch. CTC TV made investments with professional broadcasting equipment that will make shows more attractive.

CTC TV invested in new programming links that can broadcast live shows or events outside the studio. Celia and Thachie both have a fulltime job, and still manage to run the station by being committed to Statia and improving entertainment and the way information is delivered.

CTC TV on Saba and St. Maarten Most exciting news:

CTC TV will soon be aired on Saba and St. Maarten. Statia’s local cable company is helping to make this dream come true. Soon, people on Saba and St. Maarten can watch Statia’s local shows. The owners of CTC is very happy with this achievement. The three owners are very ambitious and full of ideas for the future. Having CTC TV aired on Saba and St. Maarten will be good to promote Statia and it will give local people from St. Maarten and Saba the opportunity to buy airtime, advertise, and promote events on St. Maarten or Saba. This will also keep the islands a bit more united as we go

through these constitutional changes.

The News

CTC TV will come back with a news program soon which will be in a brand new studio (virtual). Having the news and having Saba and St. Maarten viewers will professionalize CTC TV even more. CTC TV wants to inform, educate and motivate the public. Adding to this news and with all the other things CTC is planning to do (top secret), there is a bright future ahead for informing and entertaining the general public. This will motivate transparency and encourage people to join interesting topics on live shows. It is also very cheap for persons to broadcast airable clips of any topic that do not need editing. You can also bring movies of good quality to CTC TV and for those who want to advertise or have shows on T.V., there are great prices.